The Class

Engaging. Interactive. Empowering.

E-Bike Sense is a comprehensive, 2-hour class that trains kids to e-ride responsibly. Located in South Bay, we currently offer the only e-bike & e-scooter safety training course in the South Bay. Together, we can create a safer, smoother environment for everyone.

E-bike Sense - The Class - prepared

“Being prepared is an act of love, respect and responsibility — not just for yourself, but for your entire community.”

— Megan Lamb, Founder

Class Overview

Your class is just one 2-hour session:

Part 1 - Classroom:

Your session kicks off with an interactive conversation about all things e-bikes. You’ll learn potentially life-saving tips and leave prepared to operate your e-bike & e-scooter with more ease and assuredness.

E-bike Sense - icon
E-bike Sense - icon

Part 2 - Experiential:

Next, we’ll head outside for some hands-on training that will drive home the content covered in the classroom. You’ll complete your certification with a new level of confidence that’s grounded in safety, awareness, and integrity.

Conveniently located and easily accessible from all Beach Cities and South Bay locations.

What we cover:

Reality check.

E-bikes can be dangerous. We’ll open your eyes to:

E-bike Sense - The Class - reality check
E-bike Sense - The Class - rules

Road rules: Knowledge is power.

The road is NOT the place for playing games. You’ll become an expert at:

Not all e-bikes are created equal.

Each brand has its own features and quirks. We’ll help you understand:

E-bike Sense - The Class - equal
E-bike Sense - The Class - prepared

Be prepared for anything:

Have a solid game plan every time you ride:

Your E-Bike Sense certification includes free resources to easily recall and share what you’ve learned. Reserve your spot now and start riding smarter.

Be part of the solution.

As part of the very first generation of e-riders, you have a pivotal role to play in pioneering this new culture. Even if you’ve been riding a while, there are likely things you’ve been missing that could make all the difference in keeping you (and others) from being sidelined with a devastating injury. Mastering our training means you get to ride with confidence and be an example of character, integrity, and leadership in your community.

Did you know that it's illegal to ride
without a helmet if you're under 18?

E-bike Sense - The Class - solution

Don’t get left in the dust.

E-bike safety training is common sense that could save lives. Isn’t yours worth it?

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