Transforming South Bay communities
into safer spaces, one rider at a time.

E-Bike Sense is an e-bike & e-scooter safety course that gives kids the practical tools and mental awareness to ride responsibly. Our training helps them to consider the realities and risks of e-bikes, and the role they play in their community.

Meet Megan — Mom. Former competitive athlete. Lifelong safety advocate.

Hi there, I’m Megan. Living in Southern California’s South Bay, I’ve witnessed the recent rise in e-bike activity first hand. Every time I would see a local kid riding recklessly, my heart sank and my commitment to safety kicked in. So, when my 14-year-old son begged me for an e-bike, I insisted on formal safety training. I was shocked to find that there wasn’t an e-bike safety course specifically geared towards kids. That was my big lightbulb moment.

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“I love when you see something spark inside a kid and you know they’re forever changed.”


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We know how
to engage kids.

As a former educator, I spent 25 years empowering kids with the tools to not only make good choices for themselves, but to understand how their decisions impact their friends, family, and greater community. I was also an elite triathlete, an LA County Lifeguard and Junior Guard Instructor, and have been a long time Spin and Run Instructor at Equinox, so I really understand the importance of training with integrity (both mentally and physically). 

Training & Tidbits

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25 years as a PE Teacher and Department Coordinator (Chadwick School in Palos Verdes, CA)

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9 years as a spin and running instructor at Equinox

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5 years as an LA County Lifeguard/Junior Guard Instructor

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15 years as an elite triathlete and competitive cyclist; successfully completed the Hawaii Ironman

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My athletic training began back in elementary school as a competitive swimmer, became a competitive runner in high school, and began my cycling and triathlon career in college. I even trained with an Olympic gold medalist.

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I was born in Northern California and moved to the South Bay after college; I’m mom to a witty, sarcastic, soccer-loving teenage boy. I’m also a mom to an affectionate, fluffy Wheaten-Terrier rescue mix.

Beyond practical training.

My commitment is to inspire every child who takes our class to be the example of responsible riding in their community, and to see E-Bike Sense shared nationwide.

If you share my passion for keeping our kids and community safe, sign up for our class so your child is prepared for all the inherent risks of e-bike riding.

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Megan is a Certified League of American
Bicyclists League Cycling Instructor (LCI)



Smart e-riding starts here.

Can you think of a better investment than your child’s safety? Getting properly trained before riding an e-bike is a no brainer.

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